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PowerCam is a software integrated with PowerPoint and screen-recording functions. Without changing your presenting behavior, PowerCam can simultaneously record the whole presentation — including speaker's video, voices, slides, mouse tracks, etc - and upload to online sharespace as learning materials.
Easy to use and high quality output substantially cut down the required capability, and make everyone able to produce and share their digital content. PowerCam rapidly changed the pattern of training and e-Learning in Taiwan and has become the most widely used software for the generation of learning material producing tool.
Easiest to Operate
Within one click, you can create your own digital learning materials while giving the presentation - without changing any presentation behavior. In addition, the recorded material can be shared to the SCIP-enalbed web site by another click, including content and meta-data.
Innovative Streaming Technology
Formosasoft Streaming format (.fs) provides high quality and low bandwidth online materials, and allows for a play-on-demand and seek functions on any web site, no streaming server is required. However, PowerCam still allows to output .swf format for any flash-enabled browser.
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Free for PowerCam.cc
In estimation, over 10 million of presentations each day!
PowerCam.cc provides a total solution (free PowerPoint recorder and web space) to share presentations more easily, including training, education, market and sales, blog and so on.
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Customers (* Taiwan branch)
In Taiwan, over 60% University and Enterprise use PowerCam as thier e-Learning tool, including
ASE, ASUS, BENQ, Compal, CMO, Dell*, Delta, Foxconn, IEEE ICASSP09, ING*, Kingston*, LiteOn*, MediaTek, MITAC, Sonix, SONY*, TSMC, UMC, Wistron, YAHOO*, ZyXEL, ...